Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dedicated to Cherdo - feel better soon!

Everyone stopping by Cherdo's is leaving the name of their favorite song performed by Journey! Not just Journey... but the  huge talent of Mr. Steve Perry! here's mine, and a big shout out to Cherdo!!!

Man in the Middle - Maurice Gibb

It's not uncommon to have a favorite, among band members of a group. So it was for me with the Bee Gees - my personal favorite was Maurice Gibb, the youngest twin to brother Robin. Maurice always said his favorite genre was Classical Music. Had he lived longer he might have had a good deal of success, writing, and producing movie soundtracks.

The song I've chosen showcases him individually. He wrote the lyrics, music and is the lead singer. He often claimed to be 'the man in the middle' of his brothers, Barry and Robin's disagreements. He had the final vote, which he said wasn't so bad.

In the video Maurice is playing a guitar, given to him by John Lennon, many years before.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Break time: Me and Andrew...

I never liked Andrew Gold's music. Nope, and never planned to change my mind, but then one day a friend played this song. He said it was the only reason why he bought the album. He set his stereo arm out so the song would constantly repeat playing. I thought he was nuts, but then the song began. He cranked it to, (what ~ D-FensDogG calls eleven) and it became embedded in my being. Because I liked it so much, my friend got me a copy of the album. Don't you know I took it home, set my stereo arm like he did his, and played that song, oh, 10-15 times. I never tire of it. 

So as a "way to go dcrelief" for handling the A-Z challenge, "Holton's Heroes" Minion Patrol, and two blog-hops which occur every week.... here's my song from me to me.

Just for giggles... is there a song you can play 10-15 times without getting tired of it? Where are the music lovers?  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Battle 7 Results Day! "I Put a Spell on You"

This was one serious quirky battle! Screaming Jay Hawkins versus the Hocus Pocus soundtrack cut, featuring artist, Bette Midler...

Jay had a huge lead until the last couple of days. Some serious mojo? Then Bette picked up three, including my vote. John Holton arrived at the very last hour and it was all over... (thanks, John).

Screaming Jay Hawkins    @ 8 votes
Hocus Pocus/Bette Midler  @ 7 votes

Thank you voters! Participants! Blog hosts: Fae and Stephen!

Next battle: Wednesday, 4-15-15

Post script: If you would like to join this blog-hop > click on the photo in the right hand margin. It will direct you to the blog site of Stephen T. McCarthy's, to get signed up.

And now, here's the winner of this battle to take us out...