Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Viva Le Results!

Remember ~
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Welcome to RESULTS DAY for Battle of the Bands!!

I am dc ~ relief, and my battle featured: "Viva Las Vegas" ~
Challengers: Nina Hagen versus Shawn Colvin

In 1963, this song was a "B" side of a record that didn't get very far on the charts. It was also about the time the Beatles hit the states. Wikipedia says Elvis did a single, non-edited cut of the song for the movie of the same name. Then it went off into obscurity until other artists covered it. Most of the film's songs were considered unworthy to produce an album. In fact it was the dancing that was supposed to the film's feature, not the songs, and not Elvis. Strange story, huh? The main feature was to be singer/dancer Ann-Margret. (That spelling is correct, smile.) Moving right along...

It really looked like Nina was going to run away with all of the votes, but Shawn picked a few and a shut out got avoided. Whew!

Nina Hagen with 14 votes
Shawn Colvin with 7 votes (including mine)

Thanks everyone for your participation, and votes! Let's not forget...

A very special thank you to our event hosts:

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NEXT BATTLE DATE: Wednesday ~ July 15, 2015

One more time from the winner ~ Nina Hagen!