Sunday, February 7, 2016

Results Post for Feb. 1st ~ when we were, 'In the Mood'

Welcome back - it's the RESULTS POST for the February 1st Battle of the Bands... and my little tale of love for the "Lost & Found - Valentine's Edition," featured my grandfather, and his huge impact on my musical upbringing.  Both blog events were fun; thank you hosts!!

Along with my love tale, I featured, "In the Mood, " written and composed by Bob Garland. The two versions were very different, but almost everyone wanted Jeff Tyzik's full orchestration. I can't blame you; I loved it too. That left the swinging piano sound of Shirin hanging out to dry. So here's the vote - an epic blowout, but I am so impressed that many loved the "Big Band Sound." Sorry piano buffs, (smile).

Grand Tally -whoa!
Jeff Tyzik - 18 votes (including mine)

Shirin's piano - 4 votes

Jeff made quite the impression, and I have decided to hit you with more of his program and sound. He isn't all about "the swing." He's quite versatile. I especially want to leave you with this song, called, "Better and Better," from his 1982 album, "Radiance". You will (I promise) love this. From Swing to Jazz - take it Jeff!

I'm closing with a big thank you to our music event hosts:
Stephen T. McCarthy

Next Battle Date: Monday, Feb, 15, 2016... Hope to see you here!