Friday, May 8, 2015

Cool Change

Slow down time... the battles are past... and I've got some time to play. I'm jumping ship, and taking that time for a 'cool change'. I'll return with something on May 15th. Meanwhile I'm flipping this place off (Ha!).

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Welcome to RESULTS DAY for Battle of the Bands!!

I am dcrelief, and my battle featured the Bob Seger song: Turn the Page.

> Wow, Wow, WOW!! You people really threw the comments, like a gauntlet thrown before the battle. We have some really serious Seger fans - oh yeah. However, we also have some very serious Metallica fans. (I know you're all, whoot-whooting & stuff.) One more minute here, and the results are going to have your head spinning.

Remember, Bob Seger wrote and recorded it first. One of the hottest songs you'll ever hear. I entered him in this battle as a curiosity. This song has been covered by four different bands. I chose Metallica's version to challenge, in a polite way... (smile)

Including my vote, there were a total of 19 votes! I think that's a record for dcrelief!! Thank you for taking the time to listen, comment, and drop a vote in the box. [I did have one comment but have been unable to verify that a vote was cast with it. In all fairness, I made the effort to contact the commenter. At 8:30 A.M. I closed the battle, as is.]

My vote was cast for Metallica.
Now the good stuff... Who won? Who lost? 

Metallica     12 votes (63.157%)

Bob Seger    7 votes (39.842%)

Thank you for your participation! Let's not forget... 
A very special thank you to our event hosts:

Your interest in joining this blogging event would be most welcomed. Please go to Stephen T. McCarthy's blog, leave your name and blog link in the comment box!

NEXT BATTLE DATE: Friday, May 15th!!!

Leaving you with another turn for this battle's winner!