Friday, August 26, 2016

Lounging ~ In My Room


Looks like I'll be off of BOTB for a while longer. Five therapy sessions, and I've only begun my health restoration. It is very challenging. The homework exercises leave me exhausted. I do see a small margin of improvement. This will take more time than I originally thought.

I'm trying to not let this discourage me, though I had no idea how bad things were. Awareness has tempted me to lose hope, but my stubborn nature won't let me. (smile).

Meanwhile, one of my favorite Beach Boy songs... I fell in love with it in high school. Everybody knows that high school brings its on set of frustrations, secrets, and heartaches... right?! Back then I had my own room where I kept my entire life compartmentalized. Ironically I now own the house which includes that very room.  Times have changed though, and I find my computer- art studio to be the new room of choice. It has a great big window I can view life through. I keep telling myself, "Come October I'll walk the long pathway to my gazebo." For now I must be content to view it through the window.

I hope summer has brought lots of treasure to each of you. Hard to believe we're on the verge of the Fall season, right?! Okay, here's the tune.