Thursday, July 7, 2016

Result post ~ surprise, it's a tie!

Welcome back!  It's Results Day for BOTB.  Wow. What a battle it was. I returned midday on 7-7-16, to find Shania Twain leading by one vote!! Yes sir.

Ladies and Gents... we have a tie. Surprisingly my vote tied the battle up.

Ozielzinho & Isael Melo @ 8 votes (including mine.)

Shania Twain @ 8 votes

I leave you good people with a couple of the winners' action songs and videos. ENJOY!  

Thanks to everyone for voting here. I hope to return on the 15th. If not, I'll definitely be here for August, (smile).

1 - Victory Theme (Portuguese: Tema da Vitória) is a Brazilian instrumental song composed specially for the broadcast of Formula One by Rede Globo. The music was composed by Eduardo Souto Neto.  This cover by Ozielzinho & Isael Melo.

2 - Up next, Shania is working the house!!