Sunday, June 7, 2015

Battle 11 Results:Who's riding highest?

Welcome to Results Day!

I am dc ~ relief, and my battle featured:

"Ghost Riders in the Sky" with Judy Collins going head to head with The Sawtooth Mountain Boys.

Thank you to our Music Hosts:

Fae @ Far Away Eyes

Stephen T. McCarthy @ stmcc presents...

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Now the good stuff... My vote? Who won? Who lost? 

This was all tied up for a few days... it looked like I might have the tie breaker vote. Ha! Not so fast. ABFTS, Bryan and Brandon, came looking for Moonshine - lo and behold - forget the tie! They voted for the same artist. Thanks you, gentlemen!

I voted for The Sawtooth Mountain Boys. They were my shot of moonshine, (nope, I meant to say) my cup of tea!

Here are the final vote results:

The Sawtooth Mountain Boys @ 13 votes

Judy Collins @ 10 votes 

I enjoyed both songs, and could have voted either way. Still, I truly saw the ghost riders taking off with the Mountain Boys - might have been the flashing banjo!

Thank you very much for your participation and votes! Lets' end this by playing the song with the most votes. I hope to be back on June 15th - an old health issue prevents much participation in the blog world right now. (More later.)

Next Battle Date: June 15th!