Thursday, July 7, 2016

Result post ~ surprise, it's a tie!

Welcome back!  It's Results Day for BOTB.  Wow. What a battle it was. I returned midday on 7-7-16, to find Shania Twain leading by one vote!! Yes sir.

Ladies and Gents... we have a tie. Surprisingly my vote tied the battle up.

Ozielzinho & Isael Melo @ 8 votes (including mine.)

Shania Twain @ 8 votes

I leave you good people with a couple of the winners' action songs and videos. ENJOY!  

Thanks to everyone for voting here. I hope to return on the 15th. If not, I'll definitely be here for August, (smile).

1 - Victory Theme (Portuguese: Tema da Vitória) is a Brazilian instrumental song composed specially for the broadcast of Formula One by Rede Globo. The music was composed by Eduardo Souto Neto.  This cover by Ozielzinho & Isael Melo.

2 - Up next, Shania is working the house!!


  1. Hi, Dixie!

    How do you like that... a perfect band battle, one that ended in a tie! Congratulations! I'm a little surprised by the result because I thought the glorious musicianship of the Brazilians would win over most people. It just goes to show that you cannot predict the outcome of any contest with certainty. I'm happy to know that your ears matched mine.

    Thanks for the bonus videos including Shania Twain's nod to Robert Palmer's iconic "Addicted To Love" - funny!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Dixie!

  2. I thought it was a close Battle! I look forward to your next one!

  3. Good job picking even competitors. I thought mine might end up a tie as well, but it was close. My results are up too.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. Excellent, excellent Battle, DIXIE POLKA! I had been watching your ongoing voting, so I knew it was going to be a close race to the wire.

    I really liked this Ozielzinho & Isael Melo instrumental, too!

    Shania Twain... I dunno. She's OK. I don't find her hard to listen to, but I just don't hear anything original. Nuttin' that hasn't been done before. It's just more repackaged Country to my ears, but not everyone can be really unique, I s'pose.

    Anyway, another A-list Battle in the books for you, PIGTAILS. I hope to see you again on 7/15.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  5. Yea! I voted for the person who tied.
    Loved the additional songs provided this time.
    Isael sounded like a TV theme song.
    Shania made me feel like I was watching a female version of a Robert Palmer video.
    Hope you are feeling better. Take care

  6. Aren't ties fun?! That's a great battle there! Congrats.
    See you in August...

    Michele at Angels Bark