Friday, July 1, 2016

August Absence

I apologize to my BOTB co-hearts, and those non participants that vote here. Looks like August will be a repeat of July. My health is still not to the point where I want to research songs for battles. Too much sitting takes a toll on me.

On the health issue, it was discovered that my right carotid artery is blocked. It is inoperable. The miraculous thing is... some other arteries have enlarged, naturally, and some new artery branches have appeared. I call it a gift from God.

I've not decided to leave BOTB, but come September, I may have to make a decision. I'm still in therapy, and hoping for good results... it's a slow battle so far.

Lastly, I'll make every effort to get to other battles and vote. I could not do so for the July 15th battle. Have fun with the month's battles. I hope to get back soon.

~ Dixie