Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Saxophone - a healing sound for me ~

An old but not forgotten tune from Smokey Robinson ~


Monday, September 7, 2015

Results of Sept 1st Battle ~ Ventura HIghway

Interesting weekend - my neighborhood had a block party! Yep, and the lower yard was the softball field, again. No more catching for me, for a while. The kids popped up too many balls and they came back and hit me. Then there was the wild pitch from one guy that almost knocked me out. I figured to head home, soak in some Epsom Salt, and watch the ball drop... but heck, it wasn't New Year's, and I don't own a television anyway. Might as well go write the results to this battle (smile).

So I threw Ventura Highway out there, and you guys ran away with it, and now I'm stuck casting the vote to break a tie. Thank you, Lady Cherdo for your vote for America. So much for battle instructions. But I'm leaving it, 'cause I don't read minds.... nope. I voted for Claudia because I knew at least four of you wouldn't giver her the time of day. I'm kidding, but I did vote for her because today was a, "I think I like Claudia's version better day.'

Here's the tally:
Tom Braxton - 9 votes

Claudia Gomes -10 votes (includes mine)
America - Cherdo

If you'd like to participate, get three signatures from three current players... I'm just kidding (smile);
Use the following link to contact Stephen T. McCarthy presents battle of the Bands

These two were so close, I'm playing both versions again.
Thank you, music lovers!! Next battle: Sept. 15th. Aloha!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

labor day - new handyman

Bubba says my van needs a new transmission, but he can't fix it. Bubba's brother, Boyce says I need a new retaining wall at the rear of the house, but he doesn't know how to do it.  Bubba and Boyce's cousin, Bob says, I need 'Thompson's Sealant' on the wooden gazebo, but their schedule is super-tight. Maybe they can start by next, um, May?  Obviously, 'Bubba, Boyce & Bob Company' won't be getting any business from me.

However, a lady at the grocery store gave me a card to call her handyman. I checked his web site video, and I'm on the schedule now!!