Monday, September 7, 2015

Results of Sept 1st Battle ~ Ventura HIghway

Interesting weekend - my neighborhood had a block party! Yep, and the lower yard was the softball field, again. No more catching for me, for a while. The kids popped up too many balls and they came back and hit me. Then there was the wild pitch from one guy that almost knocked me out. I figured to head home, soak in some Epsom Salt, and watch the ball drop... but heck, it wasn't New Year's, and I don't own a television anyway. Might as well go write the results to this battle (smile).

So I threw Ventura Highway out there, and you guys ran away with it, and now I'm stuck casting the vote to break a tie. Thank you, Lady Cherdo for your vote for America. So much for battle instructions. But I'm leaving it, 'cause I don't read minds.... nope. I voted for Claudia because I knew at least four of you wouldn't giver her the time of day. I'm kidding, but I did vote for her because today was a, "I think I like Claudia's version better day.'

Here's the tally:
Tom Braxton - 9 votes

Claudia Gomes -10 votes (includes mine)
America - Cherdo

If you'd like to participate, get three signatures from three current players... I'm just kidding (smile);
Use the following link to contact Stephen T. McCarthy presents battle of the Bands

These two were so close, I'm playing both versions again.
Thank you, music lovers!! Next battle: Sept. 15th. Aloha!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Alex, you did!
      I find myself listening for the lonesome harmonica in the background.
      Thank you for voting. I appreciate it.

  2. Hi, dear Dixie! I'm sorry to learn that you got beaned in the head. I hope you are feeling much better by now.

    You were lucky (and skillful) to have executed an even-Stephen contest right up until your tie-breaking vote for Claudia. I was on the losing side in this one but enjoyed both versions.

    Thank you, dear friend Dixie, and have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Shady, I was glad I still had an old catcher's mask; wish I'd had the full gear - this guy's pitching was dangerous.

      'Lucky' is good. I may have to change up my strategy - oh you didn't think I had one? ME either (smile). Glad you enjoyed the battle. thank you for voting!!

  3. Well...bust my breeches my pick wins!! Yippee!! You MUST be feeling better, if you're out playing ball. That's wonderful news to hear! I hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend, Dixie-Chick-a! Have a tunetastic week!

    1. Cathy - my mission was to 'loan' my mask and mitt... I was not supposed to be involved. Then someone wanted a 'taller' kid to warm the pitcher. I was barely taller than the ten years olds playing. Other than that - what an idiot - I still hurt.

      I'm glad you dropped by for the results I see you voted for the winner, Claudia! I needed some 'upbeat' in my life and last night, I went with her, as well. See you this week. (smile).

    That was a good, close Battle. Nice way to re-enter the Blogfest with us.

    I see that A LOT: When a BOTBer embeds a video for the original recording, strictly as a reference point, people are tempted to vote for it, instead of the two named contenders.

    I rarely even link to a non-competing version of the song I'm using. But back when I did, I would post it as a "LINK", not as a "VIDEO". The video is so big and tempting that it tends to confuse voters.

    I would do it something like this: "If you're interested in hearing the original recording by The XYZ Band, click HERE." Chances are people won't click on it. But even if they do, it's rather obvious that it's NOT in the BOTB running and not eligible to receive votes.

    I look forward to your next Battle on the 15th. You come up with some of my favorite BOTB blog bits.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. ~ D-FensDogG,

      'Blogfest' - I like that!

      By all means, I agree with the 'link' method. I'm not sure where my mind was at the time, but I have used that before. Thanks for the reminder (Ha!)

      I really figured Braxton would leave Claudia in the dust. I'm still uncertain of what makes my battles click? Only thing I know is, they are fun. Thank you for that, (smile).

      Dixie Polka

  5. That Cherdo. She thinks she doesn't have to follow the rules. I've heard she runs with scissors.


    1. I understand, Janie. I've always played hard with rocks in my head. (smile)

  6. Hey Polka Dot :)

    Sorry I haven't been around much; life just got pretty interesting offline lately. I would have voted for Braxton.

    Hope you have a good week Dixie.

    1. I thought you knew that 'Life' is a four letter word?!! I would have logged you for Braxton - next time I'll guess for you. Stop by later and lemme know if I guessed right. (Don't let the head lounge lizard know, okay?)

  7. Great battle. I lost but it wasn't a total shut out.
    Glad you had a fun and active weekend!

    1. Sorry, Holli. If I'd had bigger bag of M&Ms, Braxton would have taken it!! Hey, I hope you got to hop that Harley(!) before the squirrel arrived. ha!

      Yeah, well, my right shoulder lied to me... (smile).

  8. I gotta do what I gotta do....ha ha ha.

  9. Thanks for posting the video again. Love her voice, I really need to find a CD. Additionally, thanks for breaking the tie and allowing me to have voted for the winner this round.
    See you next battle, or another blog posting. ;)
    I have to run. My alligator lizard escaped, I need to look for him.

    1. Hate to hear about your alligator lizard. Hope it didn't get hit by purple rain!

      Yeah, okay, next time I'll flip a coin! L8ter

  10. Claudia deserved the win, but the sax guy was good as well.

    I always like to include a link to the original just in case someone is not familiar with the song. I think some people vote for the one they know because they don't want to or can't listen to the other choices. I get that now and then, but fortunately not often.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks, Lee. You'd think I'd remember this stuff. It's been almost a year since I began BOTB.

      I liked Claudia too. Thank you for stopping back by (smile)>