Sunday, September 6, 2015

labor day - new handyman

Bubba says my van needs a new transmission, but he can't fix it. Bubba's brother, Boyce says I need a new retaining wall at the rear of the house, but he doesn't know how to do it.  Bubba and Boyce's cousin, Bob says, I need 'Thompson's Sealant' on the wooden gazebo, but their schedule is super-tight. Maybe they can start by next, um, May?  Obviously, 'Bubba, Boyce & Bob Company' won't be getting any business from me.

However, a lady at the grocery store gave me a card to call her handyman. I checked his web site video, and I'm on the schedule now!!


  1. The home repairs are sometimes overwhelming...try living in a barn converted to a private home. Nothing is standard...everything is "special" (like the Olympics).

    1. No thank you - I tried to get you earlier about your vote you didn't leave. I gave you America ( HA!)

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