Thursday, May 21, 2015

Results day ~ Battle 10: Brooklyn or bust, on a Downtown Train

Welcome to RESULTS DAY for Battle of the Bands!!

I am dc ~ relief, and my battle featured the song: "Downtown Train," written, and originally recorded by Tom Waits.

Featured artists: Mary Chapin Carpenter and Patty Smyth.

My vote was cast for: Patty Smyth.

Now the good stuff... Who won? Who lost?

Patty Smyth @ 15 votes
Mary Chapin Carpenter @ 6 votes

Ladies and gentlemen, Patty will be driving the train today for our downtown adventure. Climb on board! But first... a big thank you to our co-hosts of this musical event:

Fae @ Far Away Eyes

Stephen T. McCarthy @ stmcc presents battle of the bands

Thank you Battle participants and visitors who chose to vote on my battle. I get some of the funniest comments. Not only do some have music savvy but also great humor! Thank you for that, (smile). The train is almost ready to leave.

One final note: Your interest in joining this blogging event would be most welcomed. Please go to Stephen T. McCarthy's blog, leave your name and blog link in the comment box!

NEXT BATTLE DATE: Monday - June 01, 2015

And now, the winner's version to close us out... Patty Smyth!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shout out to Mike Spain

BOTB participant, Mike Spain has been doing birthdays... today is Pete Townshend's. You gotta go have a listen.

Mike's blog birthday post for Pete Townshend

Thanks, Mike, and here's my favorite, which I said I'd post up today!!

If you want to vote in my current battle go here:

Brooklyn or bust on a Downtown Train