Friday, April 24, 2015

Lemme see ya feet hit the floor!

So I was lounging out, waiting for my next A-Z post to come out when I realized... oh good grief... tomorrow is also a regular blog hop day for me. Every Friday, I'm part of the 'Celebrate the Small Things' blog hop.

That means I've got 13 minutes to list what I'm celebrating from this week, and add it to my A-Z post!!! And what happened to Monday - Thursday? (Well, no I don't have to talk about Monday - Thursday, but you understand?)

Got my post changed out - adding in my celebrate stuff and now I'm wide awake. That lounge mood has left, but I thought to recapture it. Who will lead me home? 

Mr. Al Jarreau ... Let's spin him and see if I can start counting sheep?!

Okay, for those just waking up... there's this...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mingle for Mulch ~ oh yeah!

What a terrific job that ant is doing! That's his hind legs, by the way, holding back that drop of rain. I'm impressed. The only thing more impressive was if he hired someone else to do it so he could mingle with the colony.

Yes, that's it... mingle for money! Don't make the same mistake the next artist made... yeah... 'married for money.'

Hey, that gives me an idea. The block party is this weekend. Maybe I could mingle to get that last flowerbed mulched. Hmmm, mingle for mulch? Might as try to mingle for money, while I'm at it... maybe.  (smile).

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wired for sound - it's blue!

Continuing my, 'out of the blues, into the mood,' theme...

You know those times... low energy and mind spaces appearing almost daily. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna get all my projects done. Yesterday. I'm late, oh-so-late.  Better take a rest. Better listen to some rebuilding music. Come on Boz Scaggs, and don't lemme down... down lemme fall... too far.

l look out the front windows onto the world of my front yard. There sit four containers of mulch, waiting. I breathe  a big sigh... some day soon... maybe this week. We have a date to clean and groom that last flowerbed. Rain for six days ended my mulch love affair. It is so not fair to not finish. 

Mr. Sunshine - make this the week when my joy is fulfilled. Don't you see all those wonderful, tall Irises? Purple blooms approach. Those plants traveled from Pennsylvania. I am their home. Come on Boz... don't lemme down... don't lemme fall... too far.

In the Mood ~

The Moody Blues took me to spaces I'd never been ~
To view cases I'd never regret ~
In places I'd never return from... ever.

I think it may have been 2002-3, when I saw the Moody Blues in an open air concert. Who knew they'd sound better live than on my CD's? Not me. I loved, loved, loved that concert. The concert of my life.

When I'm in the mood - it's usually for them. They ground me in their lyrics and musical arrangements. The last BOTB is over, and I seek the peace that passes all understanding. Enter Moody Blues...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Battle 8 ~ Results for today

Snow Patrol 7 votes
Leona Lewis 9 votes

Thank you to everyone for voting, and leaving a comment. Our next battle will be Friday, May 1st. Hope you can make it back (smile).

Thank you to our music blog hosts:

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Stephen T. McCarthy presents...

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