Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mingle for Mulch ~ oh yeah!

What a terrific job that ant is doing! That's his hind legs, by the way, holding back that drop of rain. I'm impressed. The only thing more impressive was if he hired someone else to do it so he could mingle with the colony.

Yes, that's it... mingle for money! Don't make the same mistake the next artist made... yeah... 'married for money.'

Hey, that gives me an idea. The block party is this weekend. Maybe I could mingle to get that last flowerbed mulched. Hmmm, mingle for mulch? Might as try to mingle for money, while I'm at it... maybe.  (smile).


  1. Funny videos make my day. He is a character and talented - I got to meet him once. Read his bio; what a crazy life.

  2. You met him!? Awww, son, sista.... tell me 'bout it!!! I give a rat about long hair or short hair, but Trace is a fine looking man! I'll look up his bio!

    Postscript: My favorite color is Chrome!