Friday, July 1, 2016

August Absence

I apologize to my BOTB co-hearts, and those non participants that vote here. Looks like August will be a repeat of July. My health is still not to the point where I want to research songs for battles. Too much sitting takes a toll on me.

On the health issue, it was discovered that my right carotid artery is blocked. It is inoperable. The miraculous thing is... some other arteries have enlarged, naturally, and some new artery branches have appeared. I call it a gift from God.

I've not decided to leave BOTB, but come September, I may have to make a decision. I'm still in therapy, and hoping for good results... it's a slow battle so far.

Lastly, I'll make every effort to get to other battles and vote. I could not do so for the July 15th battle. Have fun with the month's battles. I hope to get back soon.

~ Dixie

From this Moment On..- Health comes first.


Due to many doctor appointments and therapy, I thought I'd be absent,  but wait! I can't resist kicking one in for today. If you want to know my health status, see my main blog post at dcrelief. From this moment on, my health comes first. I think it's all about my attitude too. (Being thankful there's a chance to fully recover from a stroke.)

On with the show...

A big shout out, and thank you to our blog host...Stephen T. McCarthy

We feature two different recordings of the same song. Listen to both, and then vote for the song version you like the best.  Feel free to leave me a comment, along with your vote. Our battles take place twice a month ~ on the 1st and 15th. The results come six days later ~ on the 7th and 21st. That's when I return, add all of the votes, including mine, and announce the winner. Feel free to return and see if your choice won!

If you would like to listen, and vote in other battles, please see the participant list in the right hand margin. If you would like to join this bi-monthly blog-event, visit the blog host, Stephen T. McCarthy. Leave him a message, and your blog address. We would love to have you participate.

I wasn't going to post a battle, but it seems I have one that's ready... lucky you!

Today's featured song is "From This Moment On." Written and recorded by Canadian artist, Shania Twain. Yes! I dare to pit her original against Brazilian artists, Isael Melo and Ozielzinho. I love both versions so I have no favorite yet. Good luck with your own choice. I'll be back on July 7th to post results.

1 - Isael Melo and Ozielzinho 
2 - Shania Twain