Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Results for Battle # 1 for January 1, 2015

First off... a special thank you to the HOSTS of this musical blog hop!

Stephen T. McCarthy presents Battle of the Bands


What happened? Who won?

Originally I wasn't going to use this song for a "Battle of the Bands," post... (You're comment is true, StMcC). I truly liked the song and thought it might be worthy... and maybe I could find a challenger. There were a lot of church and college choirs to choose from. None had the audio quality like the one chosen, and yet it was a bit lacking. In the movement from 'audience balcony to stage finale' arrangement, the Patrick George choir suffered audio clarity as well. In short it was a long shot to use this song at all. Still it was the "Amen" addition to the original Robert Wise composition, that felt so inspiring (Your comment is true for many, John Holton). So I hit the ground, running.

Either way I wouldn't have been disappointed (well, maybe not by much), as this song is a treasure of rounds and sounds. For me this was one of those Stevie Wonder, "Songs in the Key of Life," moments. I wanted to hear this song over and over, as sung by the Patrick George choir... so there's my vote!

The Unknown College Choir @ 4
The Patrick George Choir @ 8

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and those who voted!