Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Viva Le Results!

Remember ~
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Welcome to RESULTS DAY for Battle of the Bands!!

I am dc ~ relief, and my battle featured: "Viva Las Vegas" ~
Challengers: Nina Hagen versus Shawn Colvin

In 1963, this song was a "B" side of a record that didn't get very far on the charts. It was also about the time the Beatles hit the states. Wikipedia says Elvis did a single, non-edited cut of the song for the movie of the same name. Then it went off into obscurity until other artists covered it. Most of the film's songs were considered unworthy to produce an album. In fact it was the dancing that was supposed to the film's feature, not the songs, and not Elvis. Strange story, huh? The main feature was to be singer/dancer Ann-Margret. (That spelling is correct, smile.) Moving right along...

It really looked like Nina was going to run away with all of the votes, but Shawn picked a few and a shut out got avoided. Whew!

Nina Hagen with 14 votes
Shawn Colvin with 7 votes (including mine)

Thanks everyone for your participation, and votes! Let's not forget...

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NEXT BATTLE DATE: Wednesday ~ July 15, 2015

One more time from the winner ~ Nina Hagen!


    I've seen the movie 'VIVA LAS VEGAS' and it was pretty much immediately forgettable (as most Elvis movies were). Ann-Margret wasn't anything to write home about either.

    Funny that the song is now much better remembered than the movie even though neither were big hits.

    WAIT! Stop the presses!
    I just looked that up in my 'Billboard Top 40' book before publishing this comment, just to double-check myself, and actually 'Viva Las Vegas' went to #29 on the charts, and another song from that movie ('What'd I Say') scored even slightly higher.

    This makes it all the more puzzling that Elvis never sang 'Viva Las Vegas' for any Vegas audience, because the song was a pretty big radio hit in '64.

    Only Elvis could make a movie that spawned two Top 20 hits and yet the movie is considered to have essentially bombed.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. ~ D-FensDogG.

      Wikipedia has the same information as you've stated. Viva went to 29, and Ray Charles', What'd I say to 21. Elvis did a cover of Ray's song for the movie. I know what you mean about a live performance. I've been back and forth, trying to find anything, a video, itinery, something that proves the Wikipedia statement false. I'm left thinking that if there was a live performance, no one has yet to post it online. Of all of his TV appearances that I've found, the movie original is played with him mouthing the lyrics. It is strange... and may have more to do with the movie contract's stipulations, but that's another story.

      I don't know much about Elvis movies. When my family would go to another movie, my older brother used to joke... "If this were an Elvis movie, he'd start singing about now." Then my brother would break into some stupid, made up song to prove his point. We might be watching an old western, so brother would crack us up... i.e., "I'm out here on my horse and the women are scare, but I got my horse...". It was so funny.

  2. Hi, dear Dixie! Thanks for reporting the results of your band battle. It pleases me to know that most people voted the way I did, for the Nina Hagen version of the well known Elvis song. I am also pleased to see that you pay attention to details and correctly spelled Ann-Margret's name. Many of the songs used in Elvis movies were throw-aways, especially the flicks released in the 60s.

    Thanks again, dear friend Dixie, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Shady, I was surprised that the studio dumped an entire block of eight songs, deemed them junk. The studio definitely called the shots back then.

      That Nina is a trip, huh? Smile.

  3. This was a great battle with an iconic song - evenly balanced! Loved it. Good job, Dixie!

  4. Woot! I picked the winner! Nice selection for your battle can't wait to hear your next BOTB

    1. I'm glad your pick won, Mike! I'm thinking about trash rock. Wait! Is that a genre?

  5. Shawn's version would be good to put on before bedtime to help put me to sleep. Nina delivers the Vegas excitement on her version.

    Good battle.

    Tossing It Out

    1. I know, Lee. I still think she's singing after a hangover. Hope your trip is fun!

  6. Hurray for Nina! ☺ This was a fun battle and I love Vegas. Cheers!

  7. Another one where I did not pick the winner. Not really surprised, are you? I'm not. Ha. ha. ha.

  8. Viva my winning streak. I'm making up for not voting for a winner in either of my own BOTB features. LOL

  9. Thanks to everyone for voting. I'm feeling better.(smile)