Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Break time: Me and Andrew...

I never liked Andrew Gold's music. Nope, and never planned to change my mind, but then one day a friend played this song. He said it was the only reason why he bought the album. He set his stereo arm out so the song would constantly repeat playing. I thought he was nuts, but then the song began. He cranked it to, (what ~ D-FensDogG calls eleven) and it became embedded in my being. Because I liked it so much, my friend got me a copy of the album. Don't you know I took it home, set my stereo arm like he did his, and played that song, oh, 10-15 times. I never tire of it. 

So as a "way to go dcrelief" for handling the A-Z challenge, "Holton's Heroes" Minion Patrol, and two blog-hops which occur every week.... here's my song from me to me.

Just for giggles... is there a song you can play 10-15 times without getting tired of it? Where are the music lovers?  


  1. I like this one, too!

    Sadly, there's a lot of songs I can play repeatedly. The Glen Hansard songs on my blog today are on that list. I like to re-play musicals, like Phantom of the Opera ("Point of No Return", "All I Ask of You"), Pippin, Camelot...

    1. Mistress Cherdo ~ I have found your A-Z music them captivating. Yes, yes, so many artists, so little time. I haven't guessed a single letter right yet.

      My third visit to your blog today was a charm; finally got to leave a comment. The other previous times, I was called away to do the mundane. No it's not a new dance, but it is expressive.

      Greg is so soft and quiet..strangely reminded me of Mumford and Sons, who are anything but soft and quiet. maybe it's that Irish? No, that's can't be it.

      I adore musicals. I've seen probably 30 musical versions of "A Christmas Carol," and loved them all. "Annie" is always a favorite. At least three versions of "Mame." Once saw Carol Channing live at Blumenthal Theater. Chorus Line is top three for me; saw it live, many years ago. What was the Jane Fonda one, before she became a but case? Oh, Barefoot in the Park - saw it live.

      I've never seen Phantom, but my brother and his wife have seen it 39 times,,, so I just watch them act and sing it out. Ha!

      Nice to know someone may suffer from the same wonderful obsession I do - hearing music! (smile)

    I recognized his name, so while this song was playing I was looking into what hits he'd had: "Lonely Boy" (1977), "Thank You for Being a Friend" (1978).

    Yep, I knew I recognized the name. And with the song playing, and no visuals to distract me, it suddenly dawned on me that in certain places he sounds quite a bit like Paul McCartney. Even the song had that bouncy, "happy-go-lucky" feel of a (silly) McCartney love song.

    I liked this, and I could see how it could grow on a listener. That sax sound was a nice touch, too.

    >>... what ~ D-FensDogG calls eleven

    Ha!-Ha! Well, surely you know I've "borrowed" that famous bit from the hilarious movie 'This Is Spinal Tap'. That "up to eleven" remark, I've found, has a million and one uses.

    Like Cherdo, I could think of a hefty number of songs I can play (and have) 10-15 times consecutively without tiring of them. But the first one that came to my mind is...

    [Link:] LONG PROMISED ROAD by The Beach Boys.

    In fact, I probably needed to hear that song 10-15 times before my mind finally latched onto it fully. And once I had the melody etched in my brain, and noticed the way the intensity builds to that point where the horns and guitar come blasting through, I was a goner for this song.

    Many times I have played this song over and over and over again, because just one listen doesn't seem to quench my thirst for it. Definitely one of my all-time Top Ten favorite Beach Boys tracks.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. ~D-FensDogG -

      You're saying Andrew's music came out in the 70's!? I don't think I heard this song, until 1984-7... my goodness. I adore the song. The drums and finger-snapping make me want to get up and move. And I think you know my smallish total regard for saxophone - alto, teno, all :) it's just a happy-go-lucky song. (Well, you said that too. Ha & oops!)

      Sure, I can hear how you'd compare Andrew with Paul McCartney. I'm reminded of a few "Wings" songs that came out. Generally, I'm not a McCartney fan. I really adored the creativity and collaboration between George and Ringo. But I wouldn't want to offend you, being a McCartney fan, or should you be.

      Could you really listen to some songs over and over? Cherdo said she could. (You said that too.) I'm so excited finding people that really like music enough to do this. Maybe I'm normal... well, best not get carried away.

      I'd never heard "Long Promised Road," until your link. (Cross my spurs, and hope to die with 'em on.) Strangely, I'm listening to the words and feel like I'm choking up. Like a tear session coming on , and I'm not willing to wash my glasses again before midnight. I stopped the song and went to find the lyrics. I had enough of the music in my mind to sing it through. What a piece of art! The chorus makes me want to jump up and shout. Oh thank you for sharing this song. No one beats the Beach Boys.

      Uh-oh, you didn't create the "up to eleven," remark? I guess as long as the evils don't know what 'dcrelief' stands for, I'm safe. You know... I vaguely recall you writing about "Spinal Tap," but it was probably something I read within the same time frame I read Rocky and Bullwinkle... but that was last year, and I'm older and wiser now. (Don't skip around on ~D-FensDogG's posts... there's a reason why they're in order.)

      Well, this is nice but I spent several hours today leather crafting, and the hands are asking for a powernap. I've got 22 blogs to visit before then. Thank you for stopping by, and answering my little challenge.

      Most sincerely,

      Postscript: I think Cathy is doing a musical A-Z too... our BOTB Cathy!! She had a great "G" day post.

    2. dp ~
      Yeah, Andrew Gold had some big hits in the '70s. Go to YouTube and check out 'LONELY BOY' - I always liked that song.

      I'm not a Beatles fan, nor a fan of the blokes individually. Their music is overrated. Some of it I like a lot, but it's still overrated, and without the influence of Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys musically, and Bob Dylan lyrically, they would have probably been doing 'Love Me Do' and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'-type songs for the rest of their lives.

      George Harrison was easily my favorite Beatle ("Commie" John Lenin, my least), but I'm just not a big fan, period.

      You've NEVER seen 'This Is Spinal Tap'? Don't walk - RUN! (The same guys did a satire of Folk music called 'A Mighty Wind' and it's very nearly as good as 'Spinal Tap'. Also, their 'Best In Show', about dog shows, is very much worth seeing.)

      >>... The chorus makes me want to jump up and shout.

      HELL YES! ...And then the instrumental break with the horns and electric guitar blaring! This song has the effect on me that 'Eye Of The Tiger' has on other peoples. This is a great "get pumped up and fight 'The Man'!" kind of song.

      I first heard it on the compilation album 'THE BEACH BOYS: GREATEST HITS VOL. 3 - BEST OF THE BROTHER YEARS, 1970-1986'. At the time, about half of the 20 songs were new to me, and I kept playing the album over and over. Finally, at some point (after between 10 and 15 revolutions) the song 'LONG PROMISED ROAD' suddenly stood out and it became (honestly now) one of my 5 favorite Beach Boys songs ever.

      Carl Wilson actually wrote and sang lead on that one, while Brother Brian was down with the... drugs. And it goes to show that Brian was NOT the only musical genius in the group.

      Here's another video for it - a promo video - that features Carl. He actually moves pretty well for a "heavyweight":

      [Link:] LONG PROMISED ROAD, Promo film featuring Carl Wilson

      I don't know if you own CDs, but if you do, that album I mentioned is GREAT! Absolutely worth buying and playing (10 to 15 times until you "KNOW" all the songs).

      ~ Stephen

    3. ~ Stephen

      'Lonely Boy' has amazing keyboards, drums, and guitar - but I'm at a loss at why he's a lonely boy? Maybe he doesn't want to share the parents' attention with the girl/ the sister? Or, may I skip the analysis, and say it's jammin'.

      Also listened to 'Thank you for Being A friend,' and that was the theme song for a television show my Mom liked. Feeling like I just stepped into a time machine.

      I didn't see anything in the Beatles and it upset a lot of people until the "Jesus popularity statement." To me they all seemed crazier breaking the records then. I never bought any. I liked a lot of midwestern groups, motown and there were better bands (to me) out of the UK then. IMO, George was human, and didn't mind it. Just different standards all the way 'round than McC or Lennon.

      Nope, never saw 'Spinal Tap,' or the others. I 'assumed' it was, what I call, 'dress up rock.' Like KISS antics... it didn't appeal so I never had a look. The long hairs like White Snake... did nothing for me. I might enjoy a song or two. Basically it's a whole genre or time zone I didn't didn't appear it.

      >>..."This is a great "get pumped up and fight 'The Man'!" kind of song." Gosh, sounds like the old days/ways of dcrelief... or > 'relief from Washington, d.c.' Long story... moving on. But I do get get what you're saying. I was laughing earlier when you were describing Liberals to someone on your site, I think.

      What is interesting is me, is having watched that promo earlier, when you first dropped off the other link. It was clearer but missing some musical elements. Then I read where it was only recorded on two channels/tracks. That's also when I read, it's Carl - not Brian. Wow! Thank you. CD's are fine, so yes, I'll have a look for it.

      You're in the know, about American-know- how. I feel as if I've been given a limb to graft onto my tree. :)

      Dixie Polka out >

    4. >>... 'Thank you for Being A friend,' and that was the theme song for a television show my Mom liked.

      Oh yeah, that's right. What was it? 'The Golden Girls' or something like that?

      'THIS IS SPINAL TAP' is a satire on the whole "head-banging Heavy Metal" crap. The band is all actors in a movie - it's fiction, and funny, Funny, FUNNY! ("Meathead" Reiner from 'All In The Family' directed the movie and appears in it.)

      There are a lot of great tunes on that CD I mentioned. And it's later era Beach Boys, so a lot of it is deeper, more serious and complex than just sand, sun, and surf. 'LONG PROMISED ROAD' is not the only "philosophical" song on that disc.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    5. ~ D-FensDogG...

      Yes, I think "Golden Girls" was it. I only liked PBS, so I rarely watched sitcoms and other stuff.

      My God-daughter has "Spinal Tap;" maybe I'll watch it soon. I'm always up for a good laugh!

      I have played a few more songs from that CD - it's very nice.
      Thanks, again for sharing it. If the river don't rise, I'll see you on the 15th,

    6. When you gonna post some more of your paintings? I was telling FAE the other day what a great artist you are but, of course, I couldn't direct her to look at anything you've painted because... well, because... there ain't any.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    7. ~ D-FensDogG,

      I apologize for just now seeing your comment. The A-Z Challenge is too consuming. Enough said.

      Ironically I wanted to post up a special photo session with the BOTB post. I think it'd be too long of a post... and I'd prefer focus on the music and not on me or my words. That's is the battle, you

      I received photos of a painting I did for a client in Pa. It's most unusual. It delighted me, and I hope you and Fae will find it to be also. I'll post it after BOTB settles down.

      Your comment is very kind. Thank you. (smile).