Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dedicated to Cherdo - feel better soon!

Everyone stopping by Cherdo's is leaving the name of their favorite song performed by Journey! Not just Journey... but the  huge talent of Mr. Steve Perry! here's mine, and a big shout out to Cherdo!!!


  1. I love Journey! Their songs bring back so many memories of all the different stages of my life thus far. They're like old friends!

    1. Kim, you're here. I've been concerned and it was good to hear you have pleasant news to share. (Thrift shop Thursday!)

      I hear the piano in this song and am not sure which happens first.. the tears or the chills. There is so much joy that runs through me and I have no reason why! Why are humans so capable of producing music that knocks me to my knees - as this? I feel so ready to leave this world, Kim...and yet I am still here. (Aw well, I'm silly, I suppose.)

      Please try to do a battle for us. You are so unique because you have walked that path of different stages. Embrace it, sister!

  2. Dixie, I missed this the other day - but thank you for the shout out!! I do love Journey and this song is AWESOME. It's hard to narrow it down, eh?

    This week has been tough because I'm heading up a registration period for the kiddos who will take classes next week, working on a side biz, trying to create a logo for a church outreach, updating webpages for others (I'm a pro bono kind of gal), doing the A-to-Z, tutoring, trying to get an adjunct professor to teach on our end of town for some older kids, and oh yeah - my husband needs food and a clean house.

    This is what it looks like when you "don't work"? I had it all wrong, apparently.

    Thanks, again! ;-)

    1. Cherdo, I'm just glad you feel better. looking at your schedule there... it might be the last chat we have before "The Bonehead Bloghop." Yeah, what was I thinking??

      It's all a Journey!! happy weekend - soon.

    2. I'm over the activity hump - maybe it's a plateau, but I can see it getting better as of YESTERDAY (the big registration day). Today, web work - easy weekend!

    3. If the rain doesn't stop (four days and counting), that last mulch pile will still be a pile come Monday!

      I just finished refinishing three tables for a client who wanted a black lacquer paint surface, with gold trim scroll work. They are drop-dead gorgeous, if I say so myself.

      In short it's been a physical week. If you see my "P" letter day, you'll see the mural I'm fixing to do in my bedroom - a large wave!

      Oh, and I haven't forgotten that 'Orleans' post I'm putting up for you. I'm sure I'll find some measley song you'll enjoy! Ha!