Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Can't hold back the memories

If you missed my results post, you can read it > Never Tear Us Apart Results

Music, like the song I'm posting was a lot of fun for me. For many years I didn't know group names, much less song names. I still can't recall what years they appeared. I had older neighborhood sisters that played stuff like this all of the time. My question was: 'Can I dance to it?' This definitely fit the criteria! I hear a song like this and I can't hold back the memories.

Does that ever happen with you?


  1. Music always triggers a memory in me. I may not remember exactly when a song came out, but I can recall things that were going on at the time or where I was at that moment.

  2. dp ~
    I dance as well as I play piano, and I play piano as well as I can play golf and romance women.

    But... this was a pretty good song that was new to me, in the same way that non-alcoholic drinks are new to me... and "pretty good".

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. ~D-FensDogG,
      I really thought you played piano. You seem drawn to songs that feature keyboards.

      New song to you? I'm guessing that West Coast thinking is very different from East Coast thinking, when the phrase, "BEACH MUSIC" is used. Battle of the bands has really been an eye opener in that regards.

      Well then, I'm glad the song was "pretty good"... I consider that an "okie-dokie" compliment. :))