Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome to the Battle of the Bands Results day!

Thank you to our event hosts:

Far Away Eyes

StMcC presents battle of the bands

The battle here was on the Dylan song entitled, "Make You Feel my Love." 

The challengers: Adele versus Bryan Ferry...

I voted for Bryan Ferry because I wanted a soulful sounding male singing to me. Ha! Oh well. Most of you wanted a soulful sounding female... glad I could assist. :)

Who won? Who lost?   >Drumroll....O oOo oOo...

Adele  @ 11 votes
Bryan @   5 votes

Thank you to everyone who voted. I apologize for attempting to close when the vote was 11 - 3. I hated to see Bryan get his tail kicked. It wasn't his fault he got challenged by a sensational, soulful sounding female. (grin)

Your interest in joining this blogging event would be most welcomed. Please go to Stephen T. McCarthy's blog, leave your name and blog link in the comment box!

NEXT BATTLE DATE: Wednesday, April 1st... Hope to see you then. (smile)

Once again... Adele... 


  1. I have to remember to tally my votes for Monday...

  2. Glad you decided to stay open to the 21st, even if it didn't make much of a difference. BUT, you never know.


    >>... "This battle was a lousy choice on my part. I'll stop second-guessing my choices based on what I think others might prefer or not prefer."

    Well, I agree that you shouldn't pick your Battles based on how you think others might respond, but THIS was an excellent Battle, in my opinion.

    Only about 10 minutes ago I got to really hear both versions for the first time, and I liked them BOTH quite well. (When you're starting with Dylan material, you're already off to a good start.)

    Indeed, my vote was for Bryan Ferry (wouldn't change it now if I could), and "in GENERAL" I prefer male singers (there ARE some big exceptions though).

    As far as HOW you come up with your two contestants, that's TOTALLY IRRELEVANT (and there's no reason to even tell the audience HOW you arrived at them). I do know quite a bit of music, so I would guess that 75% of the time I know beforehand which artists I am going to pit against each other.

    But in that other 25%, I will either go to Wikipedia (at the bottom of each "Song" page they usually list other notable performers who have recorded it) or go to YouTube and just put the song title into the Search Window, and all the YouTube-posted versions will come up in your Search results.

    Also, of that 25%, there have been times when I planned to use two specific artists but out of curiosity, I searched to find out who else may have recorded it. And as a result of that search, changed my mind about one of the two I was intending to use.

    A good example of that is when I was going to use the Atlanta Rhythm Section hit 'Spooky'. I was going to put ARS up against someone else, but at YouTube I found the unknown (to me) Dusty Springfield cover and thought it was really good and might make an even better match-up than what I had planned...

    So I put Dusty's cover up against the ARS hit (which I voted for) and she udderly wiped them out on their own song!!! I was surprised like you wouldn't believe! I mean, I KNEW she was going to get some votes ('cause her version was damned good) but I did NOT expect her to win. ...And sometimes the surprise is the best (and most fun) thing about BOTB.

    You can ask ANY BOTBer and they will all tell you that... "You never can tell."

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. ~ D-FensDogG,
      Okay ~
      >>..."But in that other 25%, I will either go to Wikipedia (at the bottom of each "Song" page they usually list other notable performers who have recorded it..."

      This helps! I seem to be spending hours every night going through possible songs, and then finding challengers. So thank you for this knowledge. Sounds like the best, first direction to take. Tidbits on research are golden! Saves time.

      (After your example story... I'll have to go listen to Dusty's version of "Spooky.")

      Thanks for sharing you thought it was an excellent battle. I appreciate that. I'm also glad you kept to the vote for Bryan Ferry, even though I would have allowed your vote change. I'm also glad you got settled with internet and had a chance to hear both; guessing you already knew Dylan's, though I posted a link. His is dynamite, but I don't know if this is his original or a later rearrangement. (grin).

      Thank you very much. Hope the new DogG-diggs are amazing. Have a great week.

  4. Sorry I missed the vote on this one. I'm sure I would have voted for Bryan Ferry, but it doesn't appear it would have made all that much difference. Oh well... I will make a point of getting to you early next time, I promise...

    1. Oh John ~ I was looking over my notebook, and didn't see your name logged on this battle. I wished I looked sooner! I also closed sooner but reopened it, accepting good advice, and thought you'd seen that "close blog."

      Yeah, Bryan took a hit this time, but it's nice to know you would have considered him first (grin). And you're right, the count would have been Adele with 11, and Bryan with 5... next time partner!

      Thank you... enjoy your Sunday.

  5. They're both winners, but I still like that wistful sounding mandolin style strumming of the guitar in the solo. It sounded so cool.

    I also thought it was a fine Battle.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Wrote By Rote

    1. Lee,
      You always seem to say the bestest things. Maybe you get some practice, sometimes? (grin).

      >>..."wistful sounding mandolin..." Definitely an exciting, defining moment in that version. The appeal is stronger for me too. I truly think Bryan is more vocally expressive.

      Here you go... like in Catcher in the Rye when Holden is speaking of his sister Phoebe, and says, "She looked so damn innocent." Well, Bryan sounds so 'damn' sincere in wanting to make someone feel his love. Ha! Ironically I'd never heard of Bryan Ferry before BOTB. Can you believe that? I'm hooked and he's probably ready to retire.

      Thanks for thinking it was a fine battle. I really appreciate your help last night, as well.

      Enjoy your Sunday. I'll catch up when you post next.

  6. These two both rock, but I'm not surprised that Adele won.

    Google Noel Fielding's Bryan Ferry art. I love it.

    1. Thanks, Cherdo!

      Noel does some pretty wild stuff! Not just of Bryan Ferry, either. Thanks for sharing. I'm scarred, but it'll pass quickly (smile).