Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stay loose ~ Saturday

A long time favorite song, written by Leonard Cohen. This version is really sweet.
Have a lovely Saturday!!


  1. Sisters Of Mercy, eh?

    That reminds me of the movie 'LEAP OF FAITH' which included a Gospel group called Angels Of Mercy. They were really good, and a lot of people believed it was a real group. In fact, it was just a collection of singers who had been "cast" to play a Gospel group called Angels Of Mercy in the movie.

    Pretty good little movie, by the way, starring Steve Martin. And the soundtrack gets played quite a bit wherever I live.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Leap of Faith, eh?

      The movie sounds familiar. I'll have a look/listen to the music. Thanks to the new program I purchased (read free) from D-FensDogG House, I can locate all kinds of tunes.

      And ~ you too readers can experience this "shutoutless" joy with your BOTB events. Go to STMcC's blog site and discover the Music-holic revolutionary tools!

      dp ~

  2. Oh, yeah, the D-FensDogG House Music Club is the best one out there. Way better'n the Columbia House Music Club. And no membership or start-up fees with D-FensDogG. How can anyone beat THAT deal?

    ~ Stephen
    (a big fan of the D-FensDogG House Music Club)

    1. "D-FensDogG House Music Club"...Club?! uh-huh!

      Can't be beat. Do you, er-ma-ruh, sell t-shirts?