Friday, March 27, 2015

1000 Times

In third grade we stood in lunch line. This boy would try to flip my skirt every day. And every day I punched him. One day he was wearing this new shirt for school photos. It had a little loop on the back of the neck. He flipped my shirt, I grabbed his loop. About the time I grabbed it, he twisted around. I looked and the little loop was in my hand. I had messed up his shirt! Not good.

My Mom was called  to the school for a conference. She had to replace this brand new shirt. After all, it was purchased for school photos. At school I had to write 1000 times, "I'll will keep my hands to myself." Meanwhile at home, I was grounded until I reimbursed my Mom $9.57... the cost of the shirt.

When I told my neighbor - babysitter Eddie, he laughed and introduced me to a song. It's funny now ~ it wasn't back then.


  1. dp ~
    This reminds me of the National Football League. The first guy usually gets away with it, and the guy who has been assaulted, it's HIM the referees (or "zebras") catch when he retaliates.

    This is unfair but it seems to be how the woild woiks. So what should the person who's rights are being transgressed do?

    He or she should retaliate anyway. It's still worth it, just like the old geezer told Burt Reynolds in 'The Longest Yard'.

    This little boy you knew... why didn't you tell us "the rest of the story"? That he grew up to be Bill Clinton. Or was it Bill Cosby? Well, some Bill, anyway.

    Here's the song you shoulda made that Li'l Bill listen to (if it had existed at that time)...

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Mr. ~ D-FensDogG!

    The National Football League would look like a Sunday school picnic, next to my Mom. Besides paying for that sissy shirt, I had to chain, and lock my bike for six weeks! Thank goodness Rickie Nelson hadn't come out with "Traveling Man," yet. Idda been hurtin'... mo'. But I felt rather empowered by the incident. I knew I had a great deal of strength in this little finger, no, wait... maybe it was this one?

    There's an offer > "Georgia Satellites." Nope it wasn't around then. I'm a bit older than you - but you're choices are okay. I love the instrumental. Thanks FER sharing.

    You know, the same kid flipped my skirt the very next day... I did what older bro told me; knocked him on his butt. (Three words here) Brand. New. Jeans. HIS Mom told him to leave me alone.

    "Thank you," she said, as she bowed low to the sky.

    dp ~