Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Home Means Nevada

~ D-FensDogg,
Not to worry ~ the saga ain't over.

We're sure, there's plenty more awaiting.

So we send you off with a tune you can call your own, after all...

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  1. Fractured Fairy Tales! I remember those.

    1. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen, Alex!!

  2. A worthy tribute for d-fens Dogg. Hope he will be in a better place. Oh, that didn't sound quite right, but you know what I mean.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Ha! that's good, Lee. Long as we don't end up in the Dogghouse!
      I couldn't help myself. Well, I could have...

    This was a great tribute to find after spending all day packing a 20' U-Haul trailer. THANKS!

    I love, Love, LOVE 'Fractured Fairy Tales'. That and the actual Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle are my favorite segments of any R&B episode.

    When I was a kid, I really liked Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman. But as an adult, I now realize that despite being one of the most famous aspects of the R&B shows, it was actually the weakest. Even Dudley Do-Right was better.

    That Victorian Home camper is great. I would dig owning one.

    And the song was really cool, too. Except that it was animated, and animation is for children. ...Huh? Rocky & Bullwinkle? UH... was that animated? ...OK, so I'm a big child. I'm alright with that.

    They mentioned the Truckee River in the song. From now on, all my Christmas Day wishes for Tiny Tim will be a quarter plopped from the Virginia Street bridge over the Truckee River in the Southern part of downtown Reno.

    You know about the 'Make A Wish For Tiny Tim Foundation', right? I started that up and it's still going strong all these years later.

    Although I was born and raised in Lost Angels, according to my Ma, I was conceived in Nevada. So now, at the age o' 55, I'm going home. ...Well, not THAT far home! But to the state of my conception, anyway.

    Thanks for the tribute, dp. I really liked it!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    "Home Means Drunk On Virginia Street To Me"
    (...and to Tom Waits)

    OK, now here's a song 4 U 2:

    1. ~ D-FensDogg.

      I am speechless.Do you know how bad that is for my reputation?

      Yeah, I knew you were a cartoon junkie, from way back.I still watch FFT on YouTube-er. Oh yeah, "you're a big kid now."

      Keep on trucking on Truckee... yep, I knows about your Tiny Tim Foundation. (I threw a quarter in the commode, but figured it probably wouldn't count.)

      55 is good - stay there. What a concept(ion)! Glad we made you smile. (I guess you smiled.)

      And ~ the postscript.WOW!


  4. >>... I threw a quarter in the commode, but figured it probably wouldn't count.

    Protly counted double.

    >>... "Cheers"

    I'll drink to that.

    ~ Saint Fens-D-Dogg-In

    1. I couldn't get it to flush. It was still there when I got home Christmas day from Benjamin's home.

      Don't forget the salt for the 'margo', Saint!

  5. I laughed at loud at the post AND the comments.

    Bon voyage, Stephen T. McCarthy!

    1. Hey Cherdo.
      One thing about it. BOTB has some very funny people... and they attract funny people, like you. (smile).

      There were other pictures I could have used but this is a family-friendly blog. Nah, I wouldn't do that to our fearless BOTB friend.

      If you have a music request - leave me a note. It's not like I know what I'm doing - all the time - just after midnight is the best time.

      Oh, and don't worry - he'll see your Bon- voyage because he's a bon voyeur (Not!) but he does lurk.


    2. Lurked, seen it. Thanks, Cherdo & dp.


      ~ D-FensDogg

    3. Someone cue the "Fractured Fairy Tales" music. I think he's gone........ yep!