Sunday, March 29, 2015

Event Alert!

April is my "Nights on Broadway" moment. Why? Because "dcrelief - Remove the Rose Colored Glasses" blog has accepted the A2Z Challenge. Yes! Dared by thousands, (stretch), encouraged by many, challenged by at least 1400, because I'm participant # 1402, today. I figure being that far down the list, it's safe to say, I'll have few visitors... less comments, and I can get my other stuff done. What other stuff?

"You don't know me... la la la la la la la!"  (Thanks, Lesley.) Maybe that's "You don't own me?" Ha!

Please note in this song, it is Maurice singing the high part!! He also did it on the recording. Trivia, but Maurice was the cool one. Everybody screams for Barry... no, just, no.

A2Z starts April 1st, which is also BOTB day!! I know how to schedule blogger, so hopefully I'll have the music flowing before the coffee dings! It will be the strangest battle I've ever posted, and may never get another chance to do this. I'll be stretching the rules just a little bit... it is April Fool's Day. (grin)

Might as well ask forgiveness now. Nah!

Oh yeah - be here April 1st... or Barry gets it! (smile)