Saturday, February 28, 2015

Goodbye Love month ~ Next Battle this Sunday 3-01-15

Hometown snow ~

Closing out with a song from one of my favorite 'country' couples.


  1. Is that photo recent? A lot of places had snow this week, my city included.

  2. Alex, It was on one of the weather sites: "send in snow photos." This was the first snow we got about two weeks back. Actually more ice in my location, but I was on the road by mid-afternoon. I hate shoveling ice!!

    We got 5-6" this past Tues-Wed. I hung out at home, until Thursday. It doesn't bother me to drive in snow... ice, no way. We still have a pretty good bit on the ground right now, but roads are fine.

    I have an old sled but I'd rather do doughnuts in the church parking lot. Ha!