Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Result Post - Mantovani wins!

Welcome to RESULTS DAY for Battle of the Bands!!

First things first... 

A big Thank You to our Event Host, Stephen T. McCarthy!

Your interest in joining this blogging event would be most welcomed. Please go to Stephen T. McCarthy's blog, leave your name and blog link in the comment box!

For my June 15th battle I featured the theme song from the movie, EXODUS. It is also known as "Ari's Theme"... the main character of the movie. It has been covered many times instrumentally and vocally, since it's 1960 creation by Ernest Gold.

Contender, Mantovani caught my interest with his subtle guitar and coronet accompaniment in the cover's transitional phase. However, it fell short of the excitement I remembered from Ferrante & Teicher. As a pre-teen I saw them in concert, and suppose that "newness" will always stay with me. Maybe there's 'something' about seeing artists live?

Per my 6/15 post, I was able to prove that many would make an 'exodus' to a vacation spot. Father's  Day was on Sunday (6/19). Almost every text I sent, expressing good wishes (for the day) was responded by... "Thanks, we're at the beach, mountains, lake, etc."

Okay, results here:

Mantovani @ 10 votes
Ferrante & Teicher @ 5 votes, ( including mine).

Our next battle takes place on July 1st! Hope to have you visit, though some of you may make your own EXODUS to a vacation spot, aw heck... maybe even me!

Thank you, everyone for playing my battle. I'm okay with the results, as I realize the power of a full orchestra executing this song. I close out today with the original composition by Ernest Gold.



  1. Not a bad turnout, considering it is summer. Next one will likely be worse as it's a holiday weekend in both Canada (the 1st) and the U.S. (the 4th).

    I'm glad to know Mantovani won this battle, but Ernest Gold's version is the one that gives the most chills.

  2. A nice version of the Exodus theme.

  3. This was a good Battle, DIXIE POLKA, even though my vote for Mantovani was an easy one to cast. It's a gorgeous musical composition.

    I'm afraid Debbie's right, that our next Battle on 7/1 will have a poor voter turnout. And, DRAT! I have something kinda special planned for it, too, which I guess will go under-recognized. Oh, well.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Even though my pick didn't win the Battle, I'm happy to see the lush orchestration of Mantovani win. Both renditions are very nice.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. I'm almost done planning out my July 1st battle, but I'm uncertain when I will get to the others as I'll be out of town till about the 5th.
    Breathtaking music this battle, whoever performed it. :)