Thursday, January 7, 2016

Result post for Jan. 1, 2016: We must say goodbye

2016's first result post, and "dcrelief" has a blowout! At first, I thought the only vote for Kim Chul's vocal would come from me... but no! Somehow two more votes came in, and I gotta say, I got excited.

Maybe I liked Chul's version more because I had watched the movie it came from. The movie ending is happy, and the song fits well. Ironically, Kim reminded me of Barry Manilow, and I'm sure he's not a big favorite.

The final tally:
Pianoheart @ 18 votes
Kim Chul    @   3 votes (including mine)

Thank you for participating in my battle. Looking forward to the Jan. 15th battle; I think most everyone will be back then!!

Thank you to our music event co-hosts: 

Fae @ Far Away Series

STMcC presents...

Your interest in joining this blogging event would be most welcomed. Please go to Stephen T. McCarthy's blog, leave your name and blog link in the comment box!

I'm leaving you with another version of this song. Another piano solo by Klafmann.

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