Monday, December 7, 2015

Results: Tchaikowsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"

Heads up!! The Banner painting (above), was done by me! Maybe I should call it, 'The Sugar Plum Forest'?

I am dcrelief, and my battle featured  Tchaikowsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy." Any hesitation to go this battle route was quickly erased. Thank you for the many joyful compliments.

Husband and wife team,  Glass Duo, challenged William Zeitler. Their using individual glasses, was pitted against Benjamin Franklin's invention, called the Armonica. 

I have a short clip with Mr. Zeitler explaining this unique instrument. To me it's like playing a glass piano (hmm). Benjamin Franklin's Armonica

This battle might be called a 'blowout' - definitions escape me!

My vote was cast for Glass Duo, for the same reason, so many of you enjoyed them. They work beautifully together, like 'poetry in motion.'

RESULTS: Glass Duo - 15 votes/ William Zeitler - 6 votes

As always - thank you for your participation! Let's not forget... 

A very special thank you to our event hosts:

Your interest in joining this blogging event would be most welcomed. Please go to Stephen T. McCarthy's blog, leave your name and blog link in the comment box!

NEXT BATTLE DATE: Tuesday, December 15th.

I'm playing the winner's version again... and offer another song by them, that surprised me. If you have time, have a listen to both. See you next time. ~ Dixie

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