Friday, September 4, 2015

Out in the Country ~ I'm still standing

My van has begged for a good scrubbing. It stares at me every time I exit the house. "Today, right?" Thursday won. I could no longer (honestly) tell my neighbors that the grime was there, simply to keep it held together. The van is a blindingly white color, even though it's a 1996!  I'm saddened to see the light greenish tint gone. Maybe I need a vehicle of that color? Summer through, (aw heck), it could even remain through Christmas... green being a seasonal color and all.

Enough stalling - I put on my shades and went to work. The radio was popping out some old stuff and that prompted another part to the tale. Three Dog Night's song, "Out in the Country" is a bit slow to wash by, but wow, did I take a journey to yesterday-land.

Originally the house I own, (inherited from my parents), was considered to be 'in the country'... 30 miles from uptown Charlotte. Today I live just inside the city limit - darn tax moguls! But the song took me back. I found myself sitting on a front yard bench, swept away by the realization that time had moved on... and rather quickly, at that. It still has that country feel... or maybe it's me allowing childhood memories to live on. As the song says..." I stand alone, and take back something worth remembering."


  1. Might be a mint green car in your future.
    Thirty miles from the center of Charlotte and you're in the city limits? Now that is scary urban sprawl.

    1. Yeah, Alex, they took a 30 mile radius, cutting into South Carolina.

  2. Hi, dear Dixie! This song, written by by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols, is my favorite Three Dog Night recording. I featured it on my own blog a while back. I'm sorry to learn that booming development and growth have transformed your neighborhood from a quiet country location into a city location.

    I wish you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Dixie (smile).

    1. Shady - sometimes it's too quiet. It's taken four years to gett used to living here again. I'm not a big 3DN fan, but this song was so nice. Loved the keyboards.

      Thank you, you enjoy your weekend. (smile)

  3. Hi, DIXIE POLKA ~
    This recording which stayed on the Billboard Pop chart for eight weeks, reaching as high as #15 in 1970, is a lovely song, and Three Dog Night is a band I like quite a bit.

    Thanks for the Friday tune.
    Watch for an E coming soon to a computer near you.

    ~ Mac

    1. Hi Mac~
      Was it 1970? I was still in my "Four Tops"/Motown/Beach Music life; seems like forever now.

      You're welcome!
      Okay, thank you.