Friday, May 1, 2015

Battle 9: The battle that almost wasn't...

Who would dare challenge Bob Seger? Am I crazy to pit a cover of one of his masterpieces against his own version? This is the battle that almost wasn't.

Since joining Battle of the Bands, I've learned that you never know how well a song will be received... the original or a cover of it. I can make all of the guesses I want, but the end result always brings some surprise element. In fact, many battles I've listened to and voted in, have influenced me to seek out other genres of music. It's a big world of sound!

Thanks to FAE and Stephen T. McCarthy, for venturing forth with this very special blog event! Thanks to the battle of the bands participants who post battles twice monthly. It takes time to seek songs to present. We are all listed in the right margin of this blog. When you finish listening to my battle, please have a look (and vote) at the others' battles.

Thanks to voting participants, who love music and support our blog hop every chance they get!!! If you'd like to join, please visit Stephen T. McCarthy's blog and let him know. We'd love to have you join us, (smile). 

Back to the current battle...


A roots rocker with a classic raspy, shouting voice, Bob Seger wrote and recorded songs that dealt with love, women and blue-collar themes and was an exemplar of heartland rock. With a career spanning five decades, Seger continues to perform and record today. Seger was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2012. That 2015 tour is making waves.  Seger's complete bio.


Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band's fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship placed them as one of the founding "big four" bands of thrash metal, alongside Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. Metallica's complete bio.  

Final thoughts: 
This was the very first "same song, different version pairing," I ever did, but feared posting it because..."who would dare challenge Bob Seger?" After a few battles and seeing what other BOTB participants were posting, I came to one very important conclusion. The challenge is in your (the listener's) mind. Metallica is not challenging Bob Seger to see who takes over this song's ownership. That can never happen. But they are greatly impressed by his artistry and present their interpretation for our enjoyment. I do hope you'll enjoy it, along with the original.

Lyrics are included within both videos - there are no distracting photos or pictures today.

Please feel free to leave a comment. I will respond as soon as I can; I have another blog hop I must attend to today, as well. Thank you very much for your attendance, comment, and vote!

Today's song feature: Turn the Page


  1. Metallica does a wonderful version of this song. However, Bob Seger's original is a masterpiece so it receives my vote. Nice battle with two superb takes on a song.

    1. Thanks, Mike. I like both this time. I really wasn't much into metal until a post by Arlee, a couple of months ago.

      Bob Seger for you. Glad you could vote and I appreciate your comment (smile).

  2. Good morning, dear Dixie!

    This post is Like a Rock and I enjoyed the Bob Seger original of "Turn the Page" as well as the Metallica cover. The theme is a familiar one - the loneliness of life on the road for a touring singer or band. For example, in 1962, Rick Nelson had a hit with "Teen Age Idol":

    Some people call me a teenage idol
    Some people say they envy me
    I guess they got no way of knowing
    How lonesome I can be

    I travel around from town to lonely town
    I guess I'll always be just a rolling stone
    If I find fortune and fame and lots of people know my name
    That won't mean a thing if I'm all alone

    I get no rest when I'm feeling weary
    I got to pack my bags and go
    I got to be somewhere tomorrow
    To smile and do my show

    Simon and Garfunkel used the theme in their 1966 hit "Homeward Bound":

    Tonight I'll sing my songs again,
    I'll play the game and pretend.
    But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity
    Like emptiness in harmony I need someone to comfort me.
    Homeward bound,
    I wish I was,
    Homeward bound

    "Turn the Page" also reminded me of scenes in Easy Rider in which the main characters, Wyatt and Billy, were targeted by locals because of their strange clothing and long hair.

    One redneck customer in a cafe remarked "Look like a bunch of refugees from a gorilla love-in."

    To make a long comment short... :) ...maybe it's the Beavis and Butt-head in me, but I am a sucker for harder and heavier music. I liked Metallica's robust treatment of the Seger song. I therefore cast my vote for the Metallica version.

    Shady Dell Music & Memories is now participating in Battle of the Bands. Would you please add my blog to your list? Thank you, dear Dixie!

    1. Hi Shady! Welcome!

      Music song title humor - love it. Rick Nelson goes way back. I only remember the Madison Square Garden incident, where people expected his old songs, and didn't want to hear his new stuff. Ironically I only know his newer stuff. But yes, it is a situation like that of "Turn the Page."

      I'm not sure if I've ever seen "Easy Rider." I know I've never seen "Beavis and Butt-head." I'm not a big television or movie buff.

      I've got you added. In fact you hadn't posted your battle when I added you, about three days back. I'm so glad you have you join us. I may not know all your references but I'll put them on my 'explore list' for the coming week. You never know when it might add some spice to another battle, another time, right?

      I'll log you for Metallica! Thank you the wonderful comment, links and vote!

    2. Thank you, dear Dixie! You and others in the BOTB circle have given me a warm welcome and I will always remember your kindness. In my posts, comments and replies I do tend to make frequent references to favorite movies, television series and oldies songs. If most of it goes over your head, I apologize. If you ever get the urge, Google the unfamiliar names and you might get my joke days after you read it. :)

      Thank you again for being such a great friend, Dixie!

    3. Aw, you are most welcome, (smile).

      Every day as I travel around, I keep an open document page, which I call my 'explore list.' Like at Lee's battle. I listened to the two operas but wanted to replay them later, so I made a note of their links. It helps jar my memory, as well as teach me all sorts of tidbits for later.

      I was able to schedule time last night for Rick/Ricky Nelson. He really had some fun songs. I remembered having seen him on his parents' television show. He really had a strong teenage girl following. So your links have been used to good advantage. Beavis and Butt-head will come next.

      I think we're all so happy to be able to enjoy your knowledge and friendship. I know the least of any BOTBer, so I'm stunned when everyone comes up with 'inside' information. I suppose I'm really lucky I can pick a song and run with it, without the enchanting trivia. If that was a requirement I'd be sunk!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Another Battle using another one of my favorite songs! This has been quite a round of listening this morning.

    Metallica does a fantastic job with this song. However, it's a bit too overpowering for my taste and that loses that quality of alienation, loneliness, and the ennui of endless touring (at least to hear some of the rock artists describe it).

    Seger's version captures the feeling of the song as it should be--a bit mournful with the sax and kind of sad vocals. This version is especially meaningful to me as I listened to a lot of Seger in the 70's and when his live version started getting a lot of radio play I had been out on the road with a magic show for a year and the song really resonated with me.

    It's a great song and it's Seger's song all the way. Bob Seger's version gets my vote.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Join us on May 4 with your post of Reflections about this year's A to Z.
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi Lee.

      I completely understand. Well... no I don't, because I've never toured with music or magic. I imagine that would give be the ultimate experience of understanding this song. In a word, empathy.

      It's been a great variety of battles this time. Something a little more than ususal. We seemed to have stepped into a new phase of presentation and reception. I like it. I certainly enjoyed your battle... and I'm not going to peek, but wait until it's over to see the results. Meanwhile your music links for the two operas are on my 'explore list.'

      Bob Seger for Arlee... thank you, sir.

  4. Turn The Page is one of my favorite Bob Seger songs. I listened to the Metallica trying to set aside my preference for Bob. It wasn't bad, and I can see why Bob liked it. And they definitely put their own spin on it, which I think a band SHOULD do if they're covering a song.

    In the Seger version I can feel how tired he is. Tired of the travel. Tired of being stared at and judged. Just tired. Metallica sped it up a little bit and added the drums and it moved a little faster. In doing so, it lost that element of Tired to me.

    So, give a vote to Bob Seger. I like his vision and execution of the song better.

    1. Hi Robin.

      ["So, give a vote to Bob Seger. I like his vision and execution of the song better."]

      You know, you're so right about this. When we're aligned to someone's vision of a song, I think it's more pleasing to us. There's definitely a change up in execution, as you pointed out above.

      Thank you for your comment and vote, for Bob Seger. I hope to keep up with your soundtrack experiment this week. (smile)

  5. Oh wow. This is going to be next to impossible for me, because I'm both a Bob Seger fan and a Metallica fan. So...I am going with Metallica for the following reasons: they're a band of my generation, and I preferred the angry spin they gave it to the slightly depressing tone of Bob Seger's beautiful, gritty original.

    1. Hi Kim! Yeah, I did it this time. I'm still not sure who I'll vote for. I'm so crazy about both. To think I was never into Metallica... then wham-o, life changed and now I think they're really something. We'll see. So I relate to your thinking.

      ["I preferred the angry spin they gave it to the slightly depressing tone of Bob Seger's beautiful, gritty original."]

      Wow! I love your comment! Another for Metallica! Thank you. (smile).

  6. Really hard to beat Bob Seger!! However, the first time I heard Travis Tritt I thought I was listening to Bob. This is one of my favorite Bob songs too.

    Metallica did an excellent rendition. I like that they added a little bit of their own style to the lyrics and music. Very well done.

    Bob gets my vote though. As others have already said, the song is a bit haunting, and Bob captures that exhausted spirit in his voice.

    1. Hi Dolorah! Welcome back to blog-land!

      Travis Tritt - there's a name I haven't heard in a long time, and I certainly understand what you mean. Heck of a voice! I wasn't sure if Metallica would capture your attention on this song. I know it's tough for a few of us to imagine this song being done by anyone else. I like variety and challenge, and hope this is good stuff!

      But as you said, ["Bob captures that exhausted spirit in his voice."] and your vote goes to him!! I'm appreciative of your comment and vote. See you soon, (smile).

  7. I'm going with Metallica, because their version is less boring than Bob Seger's. This song was generally my signal to change stations.

    1. Ha! John!!! I remember the karoke bars and this song got murdered all the time. I almost think everyone, and his brother 'thought' they could sing this song. I enjoyed your comment. wow!

      Metallica gets another vote. Thank you, John. (smile)


    First, I'll note that's a rather interesting... uhm... err--- header photo you're now using.

    I don't know if you know this or not, but a BOB SEGER cover HAS previously been matched-up against a BOB SEGER original in a BOTB contest. I did it for my 14th BOTB contest: Seger's 'GET OUT OF DENVER' against the cover by Eddie And The Hot Rods. Seger won, but Eddie and his boys did get 3 votes, including mine.

    As others have said, this too is one of my very favorite SEGER SONGS. Certainly in the Top Ten. And I'm glad you used his live version, as I thought it was so much better than the studio original.

    This was no contest for me. I can echo the comments of LEE and ROBIN regarding some of the most important reasons the Seger version is BY FAR superior.

    The Metallica version was somewhat better'n I expected it to be... somewhat... However, they really lose much of the meaning of the lyrics with that tempo and loudness. And that electric guitar in the intro, attempting to duplicate the mournful sax sound in Seger's version, was just... sad. I don't mean "mournful" sad, but just... almost laughably sad. Kinda pathetic, at least in my one-man's-opinion opinion.

    An easy, Easy, EASY vote for BOB SEGER from me.

    But you've got votes falling BOTH ways, so it's an excellent BOTB installment. What more could any BOTBer ask for other than a match-up where either contestant might win it?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Wow! Thank you very much for your comment and your vote, (smile).

      Another vote for Bob Seger.

  9. FANTASTIC!! Love them both! ♥♥ That's my favourite Bob Seger song, but I have to say, Metallica's version just speaks to me more! They turned it into a completely different story - very cool! James Hetfield's raw vocals brings it home. ☺ I LOVE Metallica!!

    1. Hi Debbie - I was over checking out your blog. Amazing set up. Also I was enjoying your A-Z posts.

      Thank you for visiting, commenting, and voting, today!!

      Debbie for Metallica.

    2. Thanks for dropping by The Den, Dixie. Glad you enjoyed it. Plenty of music there, (including posts on Bob Seger and Metallica). ☺ I'll be joining the BOTB starting on May 15th.

    3. Oh Debbie, that's incredible! I'm so excited... I just looked and saw your note to StMcC!! yay!!! It's nice to have better informed people do these battles!!

      See you on the 15th. I'll add your blog to my battle band participant list.

  10. It's been a long time since I've heard this song, and I kept waiting for Bob Seger to pick up the pace. Fortunately, Metallica did just that, and they get my vote. Great BOTB, Dixie!


    1. Hi Julie.

      That's an interesting point you make: 'pick up the pace.' Strangely I keep thinking today's artist are so pushed for time. In fact, it's like we're all in a hurry to get somewhere, but we don't know the destination. (Or maybe that's my perception only.) Indeed I enjoyed Metallica's pace too.

      Glad you commented and voted. I'd also add that some of your A-Z left me astounded. You're very talented!!

      Metallica for Julie.

  11. Hi Dixie, before I get onto my vote, I want to apologize and tell you that I'm 'swimmin' upstream' on my own (two week old) policy today. See, I work on the computer, so I decided two weeks ago that I would NOT turn my computer on, on Sunday. This is because if I turn it on, I'm usually tempted to check something out work related, and before I know it I've spent a few hours 'working'. Aside from the fact that, I really don't want to do that for various reasons, I work too damn much and need at least one day when I simply DON'T.

    BUT, I was scrolling through my phone this morning and came by your blog to see if you had replied to the comment I left on your BOTB late last night, because you usually do. I've been behind on BOTB from the get-go and last night I went and made sure I voted on the last two participants whom I had missed. ANYWAY...who knows where or what I voted on. I was sure I was on your blog, but right now at this minute, I couldn't tell you what the songs were. So, when I come here this morning and see Seeger vs. Metallica with 'Turn the Page', I know for sure that I DID NOT VOTE ON THIS ONE. After scrolling through the comments; YEP, no vote from FAE. I must really be losing IT!

    Here goes my vote and comment regarding such: I really, Really, REALLY like Bob Seeger. And I love this song. Not sure if I would say it's my favorite Seeger tune, cause at the moment, I'm so rattled, I can only think of maybe two of his other songs, and I know, I KNOW more than that, but it's up there. Just looking at your title, without a single note being played, Bob's version is playing in my head, and I'm thinking; Metallica? no way.

    Now, I really, Really, REALLY don't particularly like Metallica, so the old brain (and this morning, after that mental slip of last night, I don't say that lightly) is trying to wrap itself around a big fat, 'who do they think they are, covering Bob, AND is he just being polite saying he 'loved' it. After listening, I admit it was not near as bad ad I had anticipated. It was quite good, that is, if you had never heard the original.

    So, the VOTE. The official DCRELIEF BOTB VOTE, this time. A great Big Fat BOB SEEGER. In this dumb blonde's addled mind, nobody does it better.

    Don't don't for a little ole minute feel bad that I turned my computer on to vote here. Friends do that for friends and I'm signing off immediately. Not even tempted to take a peek at work stuff.

    1. Well, Fae, I don't see how you'd owe me an apology. I'm sitting here at 3 a.m. near the east coast - we still have two and a half days left to vote here. You're probably a few hours away, so another half day for you! But thank you!
      Mapping out a rest time is very important. Here's some trivia for you. Your eyes use 25% of your body's total energy. Can you imagine? So when you're constantly reading without a rest scheduled, you wear yourself out, even though you haven't been physically active. Even closing your eyes for thirty minutes, makes you feel stronger, and clearer-minded.

      I had the same thoughts as you, regarding Metallica. (Somewhere I filed a note telling me which radio station released the Seger quote.) I think their version is a metal experiment... simply stated... their interpretation. I don't know how the guitars stack up against any other band, that does the 'guitar thang.' Doesn't matter - I felt somewhat elated that it would even appeal to me. Seger IS the original, the classic, the associated with... beyond that we might as well have a little fun. I'm glad I didn't get any of the nasty mail that the radio station received. Some people are highly offended when someone challenges their idol.

      Fae, I've got your vote logged for Bob Seger! Thank you.

  12. I came to this thinking I would vote Bob Seeger all the way since it is such a classic and I am not into heavy metal all but then I listened to Metallica's version and was surprised at how much I liked it! It has passion and a rawness that I love so they get my vote!

    1. Hi Birgit!

      ["... has passion and a rawness..."]

      Now there's a couple of words that work! I appreciate your vote, and comment! (smile).

      A vote for Metallica.

  13. Well, Dixie Chicka, I'm here to cast my vote! When I first saw that you were pitting Bob Segar against Metallica I thought, What the heck? Metallica isn't a band I listen to normally because they are a bit too heavy to suit my taste. Yeah, different strokes for different folks, right? Anywho, I listened to Segar's mellow, rich tone that I have come to love over the years ~ a real jewel to the ear. Then, I semi-braced myself for a Metallica's racket (I hope no one hates me for that comment - lol) To my surprise the instrument arrangement didn't scream at me, instead it upscaled Segar's song with more rock n' roll flavor. Although both are different,I felt the passion in each version, but Metallica displayed a sense of rawness in their cover. Passion + rawness + added rock n' roll flavor = a winner! So give my vote to Metallica, Dixie! Way cool BoTB addition!

    1. Hi Curious Cathy! I agreed on many points you presented, and I do like the way you throw it out there. Used to be... the only 'metallica' in my world involved acrylic paints - lol. I find it strange how the lyrics describe the metal star too. I don't know that Seger was a long hair... I'm not a serious 'bio-chick'. But metal bands were outrageous. And I think of all the times when I looked at a metal band and thought,"Heck no, I'm not going there." I came away thinking, Metallica wanted to play this song... in the same sense that I wanted to paint a Picasso, at one time, in my own unique fashion. Not so much to copy it, but to experience my own strokes... watching it evolve. I'm glad you heard that.

      No matter how this turns out, I've had fun reading everyone's reaction to it. Thank you, Cathy for your comment and vote. (Also, congratulations on surviving A-Z; loved your theme!)

      A vote for Metallica!

  14. Metallica brings back some fond high school memories for us. We both listened to them a lot in high school, particularly this song from their 1998 album Garage Inc. And while Bob's version is an absolute classic, the true nostalgia of listening to this song over and over again during our definitive high school years is not lost on us.

    Two votes for Metallica. We're even willing to forget the whole Napster thing.

    1. Bryan and Brandon! Napster sends their sincerest apology, and chocolate doughnuts. (They'll need ID before they can ship the beer, er, um, doughnuts!)

      Thanks for naming the album this song is on! I'd like to have a copy. Gosh, I love it when you guys are definitive! Thanks for the great comment and votes!

      Two for Metallica!

  15. Absolutely no contest - Metallica all the way.
    If Brandon and Bryan get two votes, can my clones vote?

    1. Hey Alex! Glad you could stop over.
      We might(shh) be able to allow the mini ninja captain a vote.

      I'll log you for Metallica!!

  16. OH MY GOODNESS!! I am such a HUGE Bob Seger fan! I've seen him in concert and have all his cd's ( and many albums). However, Metallica kills it with their version of this song. I even heard it play over the radio this past weekend and I was thinking how much I like their cover. Its really hard to decide because they're both so good in their own style. I think if I had to choose, I would give to Bob. His mellowness and smooth way wins me over.
    I love this idea of Battle of the Bands.

    1. Hi Holli. I'm happy you could stop over, comment, and vote. I plan to come and visit you today. I'm thinking you did the A-Z, but not sure where I know you from?

      We have two battles a month. If you're ever interested in joining the group and posting battles, there's a LINK BADGE in the very top right margin. It goes to the blog site of 'Stephen T. McCarthy.' He has all the details, and you can ask him questions or leave a comment with your blog address to join. We'd love to have you join.

      Meanwhile you are most welcome to go vote on other battles too, not just this one. It will give you feel for the great variety of battle warriors we have. This is one diverse crowd, (smile).

      I'll log your vote for Bob Seger! Thank you, again!

  17. Metallica!
    It aligns better with my generation, but also I like the grittiness their version has. I think it better represents the adolescent angst that I remember during my formative years ;-)

    1. "Grittiness," most definitely a great descriptive for this!

      Okay, Lauren, so I'll log you for Metallica. So glad you could comment and vote!!

  18. Saw Metallica live and they rocked the place!!! Seek and Destroy!

    1. I'm so envious of many of you, seeing Metallica in concert!

      Gillian are you voting in the battle or just leaving a comment? You can vote even though you're not a battle band participant - we love that!!! Let me know, please.

    2. 8:30 A.M. closing out the battle. Sorry Gillian, but I couldn't tell if you were casting a vote within the comment.

  19. So, I am a bit late to the party and my vote doesn't matter, but hands down, Metallica wins this one for me!